Gus Zuloaga

Commodore/CEO/ Presiding Officer of Board & General Membership Meetings/Acting Club Manager: exness

Club Management (Direction & Guidance, Employee Handbook, Job Descriptions, Office Manager, Organization, Performance Appraisals, & Planning), Conduct (Code of Ethics, Membership, MYC & YSF Relationship, & Officers' Guidelines), Marketing & Sales, & Meetings (Agenda, Chairmanship, Order, & Sergeant-at-Arms)




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Vice Commodore/Principal Race Officer (PRO)/ Parliamentarian:

2nd in Command; Reports to the Commodore on Membership (Membership Committee), Racing (Race Committee) & Sailing (Youth & Adult Sailing Programs & Summer Camp); Assists Commodore with Parliamentary Procedures at Board & General Membership Meetings




Henry Vidal

Rear Commodore:

3rd in Command; Reports to the Commodore on Docks & Wet Slips (Dockmaster), Dry Slips,  & House Committee (Bar & Restaurant, Facilities,  Grounds,  Parties, & Ship's Store)




April Wegman


4th in Command; Reports to Commodore on Advertisements, Club Book, Correspondence, History (Historian), Library (Librarian) forex broker exness, Minutes,  Parliamentary Procedures (Parliamentarian),

Publications (Newsletter & Website), Records,  Resolutions, & Roster




Greg Palmer


5th in Command; Reports to Commodore on Computers (Hardware, Software, & Systems Administrator), Finance (Accounting, Budgets, Cash Management, Chart of Accounts, Collectables & Receivables, Contracts, Donations, Finance Committee, Insurance,  & Records & Reports), & Security (Premises & Security Officer)




David Neblett

Staff Commodore

Responsible for By-Laws Committee, Compliance (City Lease, Compliance Officer, and Regulatory Matters), Order, Policies & Procedures Committee, and Risk Management

mycstaffcom@bellsouth.net staffcommodore@miamiyachtclub.net





One of our country's first flags is now on display in the Club's meeting room, courtesy of Jim Ori.  This link takes you to the flag's history:  Gadsden.









































The Miami Yacht Club (MYC) was...


...originally founded in 1927, as the Southern Florida Boat Racing Association, primarily for sailing enthusiasts from all walks of life, who wished to organize and participate in sailboat races.  Seven years later, we acquired our current name and, twenty years after the Club was founded, moved to our permanent home on the northeastern tip of Watson Island near Government Cut.

For more than 80 years, we have played an active role in the local community, now looking back at generations of MYC families who have and are serving and fostering an appreciation for our beautiful waters and making the Club accessible to everyone.  Our philosophy is to include all who wish to take part.  We are not elitists interested in only those of the same snobbish class, as might be found elsewhere.  Instead, we are sometimes referred to as the P-MYC, "the poor man's yacht club," because we accept people from "all walks of life" just as we have from the day the original founders created the Club.  In this way, we have remained true to our heritage, which is to say that we keep to a non-discriminatory membership policy, as we always have.
        We are fully committed to teaching children, teens, adults and families how to sail. We offer classes in sailing for all ages through the MYC Youth Sailing Foundation. Classes are open to everyone—–not just members.  Discounted memberships are available to City of Miami residents.


Miami Yacht Club is Miami!


Miami Yacht Club is the home of:

  • Sailing Champions
  • The Miami Youth Sailing Foundation
  • The 2004 Olympic Trials
  • Sea Scout Ship 1927 Viking
  • City of Miami Marine Patrol & Underwater Recovery
  • USCG Auxiliary/Biscayne Bay Power Squadron
  • The Emerald Society
  • MASF
  • Multihull Association of South Florida
  • U.S. Sailing Instructor Certification Courses

Member of:

  • FSA
  • SORC
  • USSA
  • YCA

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